Cosmic Everyday

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The key to succes is self-organisation

Cosmic Everyday was created to complete personal projects. It is used by students, coders, freelancers an just busy people. With Cosmic Everyday, you will maximize your productivity, because it always will tell you, what to do next; it organizes your ideas, tasks and meetings, helps staying productive and prevents burn-out by using kanban boards and pomodoro technique.


Organize everything

Notes, graduate work, software development: it all fits in developer's notebooks :)

Analyse your timetable

Pomodoro technique not only helps you make things done fast, but also shows how much time you work on something

Your productivity, your style

Cosmic Everyday includes a buch of configurable instruments and doesn't tie you to a certain methodology

Free, forever

As a Cosmic Everyday's developer I believe, that work tools must be accessible for everyone. I can't make 3DSMax or Photoshop free, but I can help ypu stay productive via my app.

Also Available on is an open platform for indie-developers and a shop of games, as well as assets and tools for gamedev. Cosmic Everyday helps indies in making their dreams real, and is also hosted on this great platform. Also, if you download Cosmic Everyday via app, you will get automatic Cosmic's updates.