v0.6.3 — Bug fixes + Label editor

Thursday, 22 December, 2016

New translations

  • French translation from TeamNova. All hail TeamNova!


  • Links as attachments in card viewer now have a draggable link.
  • Added an exit button to the settings screen so users without tray (e.g. GNOME users) can close Cosmic Everyday.

New features

  • Label editor. You can find it inside settings of your notebooks. Add new labels, using a variety of icons and colors,​ edit or remove others.

Bug Fixes

  • Naughty errors on first launch and last notebook deletion were eliminated.
  • 'My Day' view on the time-tracking panel now works.
  • for linux now works.
  • Homepage: Editing 'Quick Tasks' widget's title now saves it without adding tasks too.

Btw idk why it is 0.6.3 but not 0.6.2 ¯(ツ)

v0.6.1 — Smashing Linux bugs + Import/Export feature

Thursday, 22 December, 2016


  • Some error messages became more human-friendly, and notifications became more talkative.

New features

  • Importing and exporting your data is now available. Search for export tools in the Settings panel.
  • Now you can tell Cosmic Everyday to launch minimised. This option can be found in the Settings panel.

Bug Fixes

  • Kanbans: Tasks in new cards can be added again.
  • Kanbans: Imported wallpapers now work correctly on Linux/Mac.
  • Painter: Saved sketch now does load on Linux/Mac.

0.6.0 — Docker & Updater for users

Friday, 08 September, 2017


New features

  • Introducing Docker – it allows you to embed web pages into Cosmic Everyday, providing quick access and better focus while working;
  • Kanbans: Card filter added.

Bug Fixes

  • Jumbles: Fixed a bug when dragging a new jumble's wallpaper with mouse resulted into adding an image as a jumble item, but not as a wallpaper;
  • linux-specific startup bugs that prevented linux users to update to v0.5.2 were fixed, and now they can upgrade to 0.5.2 and higher.

BTW I added a simple update notifier for users.

0.5.2 — Small improvements and fixes

Thursday, 17 August, 2017

This small release contains general improvements to Cosmic Everyday, making it more polished and stable.


  • Homepage: More hints about Jumbles
  • The app can now be reopened with quick launch bar on Windows/Linux and a task bar on Mac
  • From now, if some phrase is not present in the current language file, it will fallback to English language
  • Cosmic Everyday now switches languages on-the-fly, without delays and dirty reloads that led to errors.
  • Now Cosmic Everyday will ask new users to activate auto-launch

Bug Fixes

  • Clicking "Open Cosmic Everyday" in tray's context menu now actually opens Cosmic Everyday


  • Removed an importer for legacy DB from Help section

0.5.1 — Task creation bugfix and mini-tasks improvement

Tuesday, 15 August, 2017

This update is a quick bugfix, but it also comes with a little handy feature!

Bug fixes

  • Notebooks: Adding new tasks to the card works again (I definitely need to write more tests :/ )

New features

  • Homepage: The mini-tasks widget now has two additional buttons:
    • the first one allows to delete all the tasks in the lists;
    • the second one allows to uncheck all items. Very handy for everyday tasks!

The mini-tasks widget

If you wonder how to enable such widget on your homepage, go to the settings panel (a little gear at the bottom-left corner) and move 'Quick Tasks' to the right column:

Quick Tasks

Happy coding!

0.5.0 — Quick tasks widget & Customization

Saturday, 12 August, 2017

Today a first update for Cosmic Everyday comes, with these changes:

New features

  • Now you can disable the components you don't use in the settings panel
  • New homepage widget — Quick tasks for everyday checklists and just the tasks that need to be in sight
  • Now you can customize which widgets are shown on your homepage and in which order they are place

Cosmetic improvements

  • Now the app can squeeze down to 480 pixels wide, meaning that now it can fit into any desktop layout!

Squeezy image

Bug fixes

  • Notebooks: Occasionally deleted icons for reordering tasks in a card are now back

0.4.0 — Moving to & Kanban improvements

Monday, 07 August, 2017

From now, Cosmic Everyday is hosted on too!

New features

  • Kanbans: attached files now have a small icon for copying its embed code – you can put it directly into card's text editor!
  • Kanbans: you can now drop files into a card by dragging them from your file manager;
  • Kanbans: cards' text editor got a toolbar with special symbols;
  • Kanbans: you can now copy card's title from its context menu;
  • you can set reader's speed in Settings panel.

Bug fixes

  • The menu on the left can now be scrolled, if something doesn't fit in its size;
  • Added welcome gifs for English language.


Sunday, 14 May, 2017

Bugs fixed

  • kanbans
    • The behaviour of Enter key while editing task list is improved. Your cursor is also automagically inserted to a newly created tesk if you are using hotkeys o sidebar buttons
  • notebooks, jumbles
    • the color of noteooks and jumbles now only affect pin color in navigation panel. Background will always be dark violet, and tone slider has became an opacity slider

New features

  • you can switch languages in settings!
  • jumbles
    • new module — Jumbles! Unlike notebooks, jumbles are storages for orderless stuff. You can storee your notes, ideas, bookmarks here. However, they are much more limited in functionality, so chose between notebooks and jumbles with care
  • notebooks
    • cards can now be printed
    • you can export your cards as PDF-files